Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sigma Beauty Performance Eyes Kit: Review & Photos

This kit contains 8 eye brushes that each have a specific function- from basic shading, to tightlining and waterlining, this has it all. If you're looking to create a detailed full eye look or simply want a kit with every brush you could possibly need for the eyes, this is the product for you. 

E56 - Shader - Lid
E36 - Blending
E21 - Smudge
E46 - Shader - Inner Corner
E47 - Shader - Crease
E17 - Waterline Liner 
E16 - Tightline Liner 
E11 - Eye Liner

As most of you  I am  obsessed with Sigma makeup brushes.I've said it many times, but Sigma is a company I strongly believe in because of their excellent customer service, high quality brushes, and reasonable prices. 

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