Tuesday, June 26, 2012

SmashBox Muse Palette

SmashBox Muse pallete is wonderful for our artistic makeup guru's! lol The casing is sooo wonderful and amazing its hard not to look. (Our at least for it me is =P) They don't sell this palette anymore in smashbox stores or online. But I did manage to find it off of ebay! =P Ebay is AMAZING! lol

Now when you first look at the casing you would think, "Oh, a artist palette, soooo rainbow colors! Or primary colors!?" Well Nope! You get some nice brown shades, greens, blues, and purples! I have to admit I think they could have done better on choosing colors for a "Muse" palette, BUT I still love the colors that are in this palette! I love how they added a Wooden Brush to make it more artistic, but I think they still should have worked on the colors more =P 

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